Starting A Staffing Business

So you want to start a staffing business…

All you have to do is get a business license and start sending people out and collecting your fees, right?

That’s more or less what my wife thought when she started her dental staffing business and I have had many other conversations in the last four years that were similar to that.

Most people have no idea what it takes to run a staffing business, let alone one that is successful and thrives!

Through our personal journey, we have made our share of mistakes and would like to share some of those things in hopes that we can help you avoid making the same.

Step 1 – Find a niche

One of the most common mistakes is that many staffing companies try to provide staff to anybody and everybody. Instead, focus on what you know and what you are good at and develop your own “hyper niche.” You could be a dentist, developer, or ditch digger and as long as you know what makes your industry tick, you can do well by providing your clients with highly qualified candidates while also offering other value added services such as payroll, HR, benefits, 401K, etc. Many small and medium size businesses would like to outsource certain roles and have the opportunity to offer other services but haven’t found something that isn’t cost prohibitive.

Since your focus is starting off very narrow, you can carve a name out for yourself, by providing premium staffing services within your niche. As you grow, and want to expand your offerings, consider adding a few different but closely related disciplines.

Step 2 – Leverage Technology

Without the right technology, chaos will quickly ensue as you try to juggle daily operations and obligations. Everything from taking phone calls, orders, communicating with candidates, scheduling, timekeeping, invoicing, payment, payroll, accounting, analytics… the list goes on and on as the many tasks even a small staffing agency must contend with never ends. Some companies are still trying to keep things straight with pen and paper!

If you want to be a lean and mean efficient staffing machine, you will need a robust software solution that can manage your business from end to end. You need a holistic approach to your tech with something that combines an Applicant Tracking System (ATS), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Human Capital Management (HCM), Accounting, Electronic Payments and Business Analytics.

BE WARY of companies that require a long term commitment, minimum user fees, and high priced back office services.

Step 3 – Create an Online Presence

We live in the world of technology and if you aren’t on it, you don’t exist. Whether you are providing a service or seeking one for your business, most people go straight to the internet to see what kind of online presence you have. Your website, Linkedin, Facebook, Google My Business, Twitter, and any other social profile, all need your attention! Your social presence is your relevance in today’s society.

Traditional blogs that have seemingly lost their zest seem to be making a comeback though the kings of media are still videos and podcasts. Valuable information, delivered in any form, is still paramount.

If you regularly update your socials with entertaining, valuable live videos, you will win the attention and trust of your followers and, through helping others, grow your business.

You should consider trying to make your online presence more human rather than a corporate or advertising feel. People like people that speak their language that they can connect to and that will inevitably draw others to you!

Step 4 – Finding Candidates and Winning over Clients

This is a two-pronged approach involving marketing to both candidates and clients independently. As you grow, and if you can differentiate yourself from the rest, your reputation will get around and your business will begin to flourish as more people share their positive experiences. With the right software, your users will have an easy, enjoyable, and streamlined experience.

Onboarding clients at this time and when the economy is so strong, is generally not very difficult. People and businesses that need help, look for ways to get help!

Start by Googling companies within your industry. One of our clients, Dental Temps Staffing Solutions (DTSS), has had the best Return On Investment (ROI) by showing up and handing out a very simple tri-fold. Nobody in the dental staffing space has boots on the ground to go and answer questions and help offices out in the field. Try to find something unique that you can do to distinguish yourself!

When it comes to candidates, you can often find and acquire candidates via Facebook ads, Craigslist, or LinkedIn. One of the biggest disappointments for recruiting staff are the many job boards that are available. Too many of them are over-charging and under-delivering and there are going to be some big changes very soon… 😉

Step 5 – Get to it!

After all of that, do you STILL think you have what it takes? Do you think you can do it better than everyone else?

Rome wasn’t built in a day and your company’s success and value will take time as well. If you follow these tips, your odds of building a profitable business will increase substantially.

To win, you must show up. That’s all there is to this step. Get up, give your best, and you won’t regret it.

This was just a short list and there are MANY things we couldn’t touch on so if you have other questions or would like to know more ways to avoid common pitfalls, message me and I will do what I can to help!

Brett Cole

Brett Cole is the President/CEO of BRiSK Operations and has worked for several of the world’s premier commercial and corporate aircraft manufactures where his eye for details has pushed him to the forefront and earned him a reputation as someone who takes care of business.

Brett recognized that operating a staffing agency is a complicated venture, full of hidden expenses and time-consuming administrative tasks — that’s why we developed BRiSK.

BRiSK Operations streamlines the staffing process with an all-in-one solution that combines Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Applicant Tracking System (ATS), scheduling, communications, timekeeping, payroll, invoicing, electronic payments and other costly internal touch labor and processes to keep your company lean, efficient, and ahead of the curve!

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